Hyper-Hypothermia Unit

Best in it's Class

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the design, development, production process, from the preliminary hand-drawn sketches to the aftersales support.

Design and develop hi-tech medical equipment with add on features to support current technological needs at affordable costs.

Manufacture quality medical equipment in India, with overseas experience, to provide affordable solutions for our customer’s healthcare needs.

Hyper-Hypothermia Unit


Faster Cooling and heating in it’s class

It has separate cooling tank and heating chambers to achieve desired set point quickly.

Graphical User interface

Visual and easy to use graphical interface for pump rotation, water flow, heating & cooling temperature, water level indicator.

Fully touch screen control

All parameter can be controlled on finger touch.

Diagnostic Mode

Introducing first ever diagnostic mode that allow to troubleshoot remotely.

Manual Mode for Emergency Use

Manual mode with interactive colorful keys as an alternative control for Graphical display control.

Independent Heating & Cooling

Independent heating and cooling for Cardiopledgia and patient circuit

Auto-Cleaning Mode for descaling & disinfecting

Auto cleaning mode for descaling and disinfecting the unit.

Custom Configuration

HHU can be configured according to customer’s requirement.

Graphical User Interface

Hyper-Hypothermia Unit
Hyper-Hypothermia Unit
Hyper-Hypothermia Unit
Hyper-Hypothermia Unit
Hyper-Hypothermia Unit
Hyper-Hypothermia Unit

Product Demo Video

Take a break and look at our Hyper-Hypothermia Unit and its hi-tech features.

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