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Mercury Healthcare, a manufacturer of high tech products in the field of medical equipment. We have a highly qualified team of engineers, who put together their enormous experience and innovate medical products, adding more features to each product’s design. Our company is ISO 13485:2016 and CE certified for their processes and quality of manufacturing of Hyper-Hypothermia Unit (Heater-Cooler) along with the Heart-Lung Machine.

Mercury’s main goal is to develop and manufacture highly sophisticated medical equipment in India with our great experience gained from overseas manufacturers, and provide affordable care.


Hyperthermia and Hypothermia Unit

  • Faster Cooling and heating in it’s class
  • Fully touch screen control
  • Auto-Cleaning Mode for descaling & disinfecting
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Introducing first ever diagnostic mode of its kind
  • Introducing first ever manual mode for emergency use
  • Reconfigurable according to customers need
  • Independent cooling and heating for both the patient and cardioplegia circuits
  • Silent Operation compare to other similar equipment
  • Robust electronic architecture for minimal electronic failure

Mercury Mini

  • ECMO Heater Unit
  • Portable Heater Cooler
  • Open Tank
  • 5 lit Water Capacity
  • Touch Screen Control
  • PLC Based Electronics
  • Temp Range 35° to 42° C
  • Flow Rate More Than 10 lit/min

Mercury Magma

  • Open Tank
  • 5 lit Water Capacity
  • Single Output Circuit
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Temp Range 42° to 55° C
  • Flow Rate > 5 lit/Min
  • PLC Based Electronics

Mercury Slush

  • Open Tanks
  • Minimize the Risk of Trauma to delicate Tissues and Organs
  • Save Valuable Nursing Time
  • Easy To Operate And Maintain
  • Slush Basin With Auto – Stir
  • Silent Operation

Product Demonstration

Upcoming Features

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Complete Control from Tablet
  • Remote Troubleshooting Option


  • Today we had CABG was beating heart surgery, Suddenly we had a crash situation & we have to go on CPB. We went on pump and connected Mercury heater-cooler to cardioplegia chamber & to vital oxygenator. It worked very well. To my surprise I could cool the cardioplegia to 4 degree in 3 minutes. Rewarded within the time, normally it takes long time because of the heat exchanger unit is in reservoir. Mercury Hyper-Hypothermia is really a good one. Great Job
    Shiva Kumar Perfusionist
  • Faster Cooling & Heating, Best in it's Class
  • Touch Screen with Graphical User Interface
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